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Outdoor Seating

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Outdoor & Patio Seating

No matter what you choose to use your outdoor space for, seating will always be your number one priority. And while it might not seem like a big deal, outdoor seating requires some planning and consideration before you finally opt for something.

Generally, seating options for your outdoor and patio space include patio sets or individual pieces of furniture. Both options have their advantages, so you have to consider which you prioritize more: a quick and easy purchase with a patio furniture set or the possibility to showcase your style with individual pieces of patio furniture. If you choose the second option, you must familiarize yourself with all the different seating options for your patio and the possible combinations you can get with individual pieces of furniture.

Types of Patio Chairs

If you want to design and furnish your patio with single pieces of furniture, you might find yourself a little swamped by the available options. But options lead to possibilities with regard to designing an original outdoor space.

Outdoor seating options include an outdoor sofa or patio bench as some larger pieces of furniture or patio chairs for your dining space. There is also the option of outdoor lounge chairs for those who prefer lounging and sunbathing. Lastly, an alternative to appeal to the whimsical side of you—an outdoor swing!

Each option has extensive styles and designs for you to choose from to tailor the patio space to your exact needs and preferences. You can stick to one option or mix and match between different pieces of furniture.

Choose patio seating that complements your style

The trick to choosing the right outdoor or patio furniture is to find something that appeals to you and complements your style. Because you are the one who will use it the most, you need it to feel like home.

Your patio furniture can be a continuation of your indoor style and furniture or something entirely different. But what's more important than style and design is function. Don't just purchase pieces of furniture that you think are trendy and look good. Instead, consider your needs for outdoor furniture and shop accordingly. If you are not careful when planning and furnishing, you won't feel entirely comfortable with your patio furniture, and you won’t use the space as much.

Consider your space when picking patio chairs

Another critical aspect to consider when furnishing your patio is the overall space. You might choose all the right furniture in terms of use and design, but if your patio is overcrowded or is not conducive to socializing, then it will be for naught.

Patio chairs are quite a flexible option for outdoor seating, but they also tend to take up significant space. Consider where you will place them and whether they obstruct movement before purchasing chairs, whether dining chairs, patio chairs, or lounge chairs.

A good alternative would be smaller furniture like outdoor ottomans, stools, or poufs to solve the seating problem without overcrowding the space.

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