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Chaises & Settees

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Chaises & Settees

Chaises and Settees Guide

An elegant and versatile place to sit, lounge, and relax - chaises and settees provide stylish seating that differs from a traditional sofa or sectional. Fitting one or two, these popular furniture pieces elevate the look of any room while providing a comfortable place to sit back and relax. To help you find your perfect match, follow along with our buying guide.

What Is The Difference Between A Chaise and Settee?


A chaise, otherwise known as a chaise lounge or chaise sofa, is an elongated upholstered seat long enough to recline with your feet up. It comes from a French term meaning “long chair” and is suitable for seating one.

Often considered to be a chair and ottoman or footstool combined, there is a padded back along one short side and can include one or two arms. Differing from a couch[1] , there is no back along the long side of the seat, which makes it easier to place a standalone chaise in front of prominent areas, such as a window or fireplace, without obscuring the view.

Chaise lounges often add a sculptural element to a room, as they can come in curved and trendy designs that differ from the traditional right angles of a couch or sofa. link out to sofas buying guide

Versatile for rooms with different spacing needs

Takes up less space and is more graceful than a sofa.

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