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Jameson Leather Settee
Jameson Leather Settee
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Kane Leather Settee
Kane Leather Settee
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Get a sofa you can truly relax with by picking a leather sectional with chase. The ideal lounging setup, a leather sectional with chaise offers comfort in a laid-back style. Our leather sectionals with chaises are top-quality and come in a range of wonderful colors. Get a good deal on a leather sectional sofa with chaise when you shop online with us.


How does the durability of a leather settee compare to an upholstered version?

Overall, leather settees offer better durability than their upholstered counterparts. Leather can resist punctures, tears, and scratches better than upholstery in the long term. Of course, plenty of high-quality fabrics can also offer excellent durability, but they are still more prone to staining and fading than leather. A leather settee will have a more robust life span and may be a better long-term investment.

Where is the best place to put a leather settee?

Most people put their settees in dens or living rooms. As leather adds sophistication, it's also a popular motif in a modern home office. The elegant aesthetic of a leather settee makes it an ideal focal point, so it works best in a central position. If you have more space to work with, consider pulling it away from the wall to create an exquisite centerpiece.

Extended exposure to direct sunlight or proximity to an electric heater, radiator, or fireplace can dry out the leather and cause it to crack, so make sure your settee is away from heat sources to prolong its life.

Can the material be repaired if my leather settee gets damaged?

With regular maintenance and prompt attention to spills, you can usually avoid extensive damage to your settee. You can fix most scratches and signs of wear and tear on leather with conditioners, colorants, and touch-up kits. These products do a great job of masking any superficial damage and restoring the leather's deep, rich appearance. However, if your settee has significant damage, such as deep scratches or long tears, it's best to hire a professional. This type of repair may require patching and re-dyeing the damaged area or even replacing whole sections.