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Kids Study & Playroom

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Kids Study & Playroom

The Kids Study & Playroom Guide

Are your kids starting to take over your common areas and living spaces? It might be time to consider a study or playroom where they can let their imagination run free—while keeping the adults happy. Whether you want to create a quiet place to study or a kid-friendly realm to pursue creativity, we’ll help you kick off the planning process. Check out our comprehensive guide for everything you need to know.

Before You Start Decorating

A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to devising the playroom or study of your child’s dreams. Before the furniture gets moved in the walls get new paint, take note of the following:

Understand any space constraints

If you’re working with a room with limited square footage or you are carving out playspace within an existing room, it’s important to be aware of the workable footprint. Take measurements of wall lengths, ceiling heights and distance between existing furnishings. You’ll want to leave room for their little hurricanes of creativity — as well as a clear path to the door.

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