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Storage Bins

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Storage Bins

Is there anything more satisfying than watching a room go from completely cluttered to clean and organized? Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to instantly tidy up your home—but with the help of storage bins, you can get pretty close. Whether keeping your kids’ toys in one place, storing extra clothing, or acting as a catchall for odds and ends—there is the right kind of container for you. Read on to learn more.

Before You Buy

Where do you want to keep your storage bins, and how much space do you have? Will they go in a closet or under the bed? If they’ll be used in plain sight within a room, do they need to match your interior aesthetic? Are you looking for a heavy-duty storage option to safeguard belongings in the garage, or to simply keep loose bits in the pantry or bathroom more organized? Thinking about these questions in advance will help prepare you for shopping.

Storage Bin Uses

The number one question to ask yourself before purchasing a storage bin (or five) is to clarify how you’ll be using it; not all storage bins are created equal. Here are some of the most common uses.

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