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Salem Full Bed
Salem Full Bed
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Kavali Grey Full Bed
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Shifting from crib to bed is an exciting milestone for your little one. You can create a smoother transition for your child by making smaller jumps—from crib to toddler bed, from a toddler bed to a twin bed, and then from twin bed to a twin XL or a full-size bed for kids. Alternatively, you can directly give them a full-size kids' bed with the extra sleeping space that lasts them through multiple growth stages.

Thanks to our retailers' vast selection of various kids' full-size bed frames and mattresses, it is easier than ever to find the best option for your kid's room. From kids' full-size beds with storage to ones with trundles, they have everything you need to create a safe, comfortable, and chic space for your child to sleep in. Below are some suggestions to help make the search process even easier for you.

Pick your favorite design

Our retailers offer full-size bed frames for kids in many designs that you can choose from. If your little one frequently has sleepovers with friends, then a kid's full-size bed with a trundle would be helpful, or if you want to combine their playroom and bedroom into one, then a kid's full-size house bed would match perfectly. You can also choose platform beds, folding, panel, sleigh, poster beds, canopy, bunk, and kids’ full-size beds with storage, among other options.

Depending on the design, some beds are also constructed following a particular theme. So, if your little one is interested in go-karting or Formula 1, you can purchase a race car bed, whereas if they prefer cartoon and fairy tales, there are various castle beds to choose from.

Choose your preferred finish

When choosing your kid's bed, you should also pay attention to the frame's finish so the frame matches or complements the rest of the furniture and decor. Our retailers offer full-size kids' bed frames with various colorful finishes ranging from soft pinks and blues to rich wood browns, neutral whites and creams, and many others.

Use shades of your kid's favorite color mixed with other complementary colors from around the room to add depth and establish the interior design style of the space. Or, if you fear your kid will outgrow specific colors, play it safe and use neutral ones to give the room a timeless design.

Consider any special features you need

With our retailers' range of beds, you never have to settle for less than what you're looking for. You can find beds with unique features that meet all your needs, from extra safety to built-in ladders and slides that make the bed more fun for your little one, bookcase headboards, stairs, and much more. Your child deserves the best, and our retailers will help you find exactly that!