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Western style combines old-Americana grit and modern rustic styles for a look that is comfortable and nostalgic. Think masculine wooden pieces paired with indigenous-inspired patterns for a look taken straight from a Rocky Mountain cabin.

How To Decorate in a Western Style

The key to a Western-inspired interior is a welcoming and lived-in atmosphere. Choose a well-loved anchor piece — a leather sofa, ornate wood table, grand bed, or even a fireplace — and build the rest of the room around this element for a sense of comfort and coziness.
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Furniture in Rural Neutrals
Your color palette should stick to natural, western hues. Set the base with larger pieces in dusty tan and brown shades. This base pairs with mustard yellows and deep greens.
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Old World Decor
Add character to your space with decor that’s full of old-world charm. Incorporate faux cowhide rugs, animal print accent chairs, and rustic lighting fixtures.
Lived-in Leathers
Tufted leather sofas with a worn-in look and patina are quintessential to a Western look. Choose high-quality leather that gets more soft and supple with use.
Vintage Textiles
Layer colorful rugs, pillows, and throws to tie your Western look together. Abstract prints add a pop of color while staying on theme.
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Western Living Room
Western-style living rooms exude an air of comfort and character. Center your room around a plush, tufted leather couch and complement it with faux hides and abstract-print upholstery.
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