Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

How Sleeping on Your Back Impacts Your Mattress Choice

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Surveys suggest around 14% of Americans are back sleepers. While a small portion of the population, people who sleep on their backs should spend as much time looking for new mattresses as any other sleeper profile.

Purchasing a new mattress that provides the right amounts of comfort and pain relief requires taking several factors into consideration. Personal sleeping habits, preferred sleeping positions, spousal or partner preferences, pricing, and bed dimensions all play part in selecting a mattress suitably accommodating. Of the factors consumers should take into consideration when purchasing a new mattress, body position when sleeping ranks as one of the most important to keep in mind.

Mattress Type & Comfort Level

Back sleepers, or individuals who sleep lying flat, front-side up, must pay close attention to the firmness of potential mattress purchases. While side sleepers and stomach sleepers may choose from ultra plush or ultra firm innerspring and gel memory foam mattress options, the best mattresses for back sleepers widely include models offering medium-firm comfort. Firm mattresses provide the necessary support that back sleepers need; however, mattresses made with coil springs have been documented as poking into or jabbing at the lower backs of back sleepers. The demographic also reports receiving too much lower lumbar support, which overcorrects the spine and doesn't allow for the natural curve of the vertebrae to take shape while at rest.

Some Give is Good

When making final selections, back sleepers should choose mattresses with some amount of give. The best mattress for back sleepers should allow bed occupants to sink slightly into the surface of the frame but maintain proper spine alignment while providing firm support to the lower back and knee areas, specifically. At, our selection showcases several models of mattresses for back sleepers, with pillow top accessories and medium-firm choices available from top brands like Sealy, Serta, and Tempur-Pedic.