When’s the Best Time to Buy Mattresses?

    Sleep experts say that the average person spends close to 26 years sleeping. With so much time spent on your mattress, it’s worth it to truly invest in a quality mattress. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save with a great deal. Follow furniture.com’s guide to the best time in the year to purchase a mattress, including when retailers receive new inventory, major holiday sales, and more.

    The Best Holidays for Mattress Sales


    President's Day

    Usually a weekend-long sale revolving around the third Monday in February.

    Memorial Day

    Though the actual holiday is celebrated the third Monday in May, the sales usually start one week before the holiday weekend.

    Fourth of July

    At this point in the year, the stock of old mattresses is dwindling. Though there’s no set timeline, sales have been known to start at the end of June and end around July 4.

    Labor Day

    Sales often start the week leading up to Labor Day, which is celebrated the first Monday in September.

    Other Time of the Year to Buy Mattresses

    With the major holiday season behind us, retailers will put more mattresses on sale around this time to clear out old inventory.
    You can find special discounts, especially for veterans and military personnel.
    Black Friday deals usually start before Thanksgiving day and can extend through the weekend and into Cyber Week.
    Between March and April, new inventory of mattresses is delivered to retailers and warehouses, making this a popular time for retailers to mark down prices and make room for the new inventory.

    5 Tips Before You Start Shopping for a New Mattress: 


    Start comparing mattresses before the holidays

    Research mattress prices so you’re not overpaying. Compare features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of brands you’ve been eyeing. When the holidays come around, you’ll feel prepared to find the right mattress and recognize the best deals.

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    Purchase the floor model

    You can get as much as 50 percent off the price for floor models during sales.

    Don’t be afraid to turn the tables on the salesperson

    Sales often start the week leading up to Labor Day, which is celebrated the first Monday in September.

    Consider bundle and save options

    Save even more by buying in bulk or opting for bedroom sets with mattress, frame, pillows, and sheet sets combined.

    What to Consider When Buying a New Mattress

    How can you tell a quality mattress from one that won’t be right for your body, space, and lifestyle? Here’s a handy checklist of mattress features, including mattress size, price range, and durability.


    Most mattresses will last around 7–10 years before having to be replaced. The lifespan of the mattress is often determined by its quality, material, and care and maintenance. long sale revolving around the third Monday in February.


    To reap the benefits of a supported and comfortable mattress, determine your preferred sleeping position, noting the places on your body that need pressure relief. This will help determine your ideal level of firmness, or whether you would benefit from a bed with zoning features that deliver targeted support.

    In-Store vs. Online

    Shopping online is easy, fast, and convenient. But the main drawback to online shopping is that you can’t experience the mattress in-person — nor have a bargain with the salesperson. Consider what information you would need to confidently make a decision.


    First, take stock of your available space in your bedroom. Then think about how much space you need to feel comfortable while you sleep, including other factors like your partner, as well as other guests in the night like kids and pets.


    After choosing what size, material, and features you’re looking for in your ideal mattress, you can calculate your budget. While an innerspring twin mattress can cost as low as $100, the price can jump to nearly $1,500 for a hybrid twin mattress.

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