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California King Size

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Your mattress is arguably the most important part of your bedroom and maybe even your whole home. It is crucial to ensure you get the rest and rejuvenation your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Our retailers offer various types of mattresses, ranging from ones suitable for twin-size beds to California king bed mattresses and many others in between.

We'll help you find the perfect mattress for your sleeping position, preferred firmness level, and bed frame so you can get a good night's sleep. If you have a California king bed, explore our retailers' wide selection of California king mattresses and find the surface that perfectly fits you.


California king mattresses are one of the largest mattress options, measuring 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width. Some beds require a split California king mattress that splits into two separate mattresses but still has the exact dimensions when put together.

These mattresses provide sufficient room for people over six feet tall and enough space for couples who like to sprawl out and occasionally share the bed with kids or pets. If you want to reach peak luxury, get this mattress for yourself only and twist and turn as much as you like.

Because of their massive size, such mattresses are not suitable for just any room. You will typically find them in master bedrooms that measure around 13 by 13 feet. Still, you might be able to fit them in smaller rooms, as long as you are ready to sacrifice floor space and be very selective with the other furniture included in the room.


A crucial aspect of any mattress is its firmness level. Depending on your desired comfort level, you can choose among our retailers' range of ultra plush to ultra firm California king mattresses.

Choose the firmness level depending on your sleeping position, so you don't end up sore if the main pressure points in your body don't get the needed support. Generally, side-sleepers prefer a soft to medium mattress, specifically California king memory foam mattresses that help contour the shoulders and hips to provide maximum comfort. On the other hand, back and stomach sleepers typically go for a medium-firm to firm mattress that offers more support.

All our retailers' mattresses are made from quality materials on each layer to help relieve pressure, be as comfortable as possible while still providing support, and gently lull you to sleep.