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Queen Size

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Queen Size Mattresses

If you, like many others, are looking for a bigger mattress but do not have the bedroom space to accommodate a king size bed, then you should consider going for a queen size mattress. As one of the most popular mattress sizes, the queen size mattress offers plenty of sleeping space but doesn't take up as much room as a king size bed .

Queen size mattresses are perfect for sleepers who wake up in a completely different position than the one they fell asleep in and for those sharing a bed with a partner, child, or pet. They are suitable for both the master bedroom and guest rooms.

If you want to wake up every day feeling energized, shop our retailers' selection of mattresses available in different sizes and firmness levels. They offer the best queen size mattresses that provide comfort and sufficient support to help with body posture and ensure quality sleep every night.

Queen mattress sizes

Our retailers offer various queen size mattresses, including the standard queen size, split queen, California queen, and Olympic queen mattresses. Queen size mattress dimensions measure 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. The standard queen size thus matches king size mattresses in length and take up 16 inches less space in width.

Split queens consist of a standard queen size bed split down the middle into two separate mattresses, each measuring 80 inches in length and 30 inches in width. The Olympic queen mattresses are slightly wider with an extra 6 inches added to their width, and similarly, the California queens are 4 inches longer than the standard queen size mattress.

Queen mattress construction

When hunting for the perfect mattress, it is helpful to be well-informed about the mattress construction and the benefits of the different types. Our retailers offer queen mattresses constructed from various materials, including polyurethane for memory foam mattresses, latex, metal coils for innerspring mattresses, and polyurethane for gel foam mattresses.

The traditional spring mattresses and some waterbeds are great choices if you are on a budget but still want a comfortable bed. In addition, you can choose from an array of mattress technologies, such as memory foam mattresses.

Queen mattress firmness levels

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing a mattress is its firmness level. Our retailers offer queen size mattresses ranging from the softest feeling memory foam to latex mattresses that provide a firmer sleeping surface. Their mattresses include many firmness levels, including ultra-soft, soft, medium, firm, extra-firm, and many other levels in between, so you can find the perfect sleeping surface.