Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

How Should a Belly Sleeper Choose a Good Mattress?

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People sleep in different body positions, which often creates the need for a specific type of mattress. While most people sleep on the back or side, researchers estimate that anywhere from 7- to 16-percent of the population lies on the stomach when sleeping.

Try Not to Belly Sleep

Unfortunately for stomach sleepers, experts discourage the habit of sleeping belly-down due to the physical strain the body position can cause. Sleeping on the stomach often causes the front of the body to sink into the mattress, thereby disrupting the natural alignment of the spine and straining the back. Stomach sleepers also risk experiencing muscle pain, muscular imbalance, and nerve compression. People who naturally prefer to sleep on the stomach therefore need to select the right mattress for blunting the negative effects of the physically taxing and relatively uncommon position.

Selecting the Right Comfort Level

Determining the best mattress for stomach sleepers begins with evaluating the level of comfort, or firmness, offered by the sleep surface. Most experts recommend firmer mattresses for people tending to sleep on the stomach (see firm or extra firm). A firm mattress prevents the heaviest parts of the body, like the hips and chest, from sinking too far and pulling the back out of alignment. To ensure an appropriately firm mattress surface, stomach sleepers should avoid selections with thickly padded pillow-tops or extra cushioning layered above the internal core of the mattress.

Testing the Mattress in Person

Consumers should also lie on different mattresses in person before making a final selection. By personally sampling the comfort levels of various options, shoppers can make sure the best mattresses for stomach sleepers are also firm and supportive enough to satisfy personal preferences.

Some Firm Mattress Options: