Ultra Plush Mattress

Super or Extra Plush Mattresses

An ultra-plush mattress has an exceptionally softer feel than a typical plush mattress. Many popular brands offer these luxurious mattresses, though they may refer to them as "super plush" or "extra plush." Check out this selection to find ultra-plush mattresses with the firmness, quality materials, dimensions and accessories you need to enjoy consistent, comfortable sleep. More

Ultra Plush Firmness

Choose the super-soft feel of an ultra-plush mattress to sink into cloud-like comfort every night. Extra plush mattresses have the lowest firmness of any mattress type, making them ideal for back and side sleepers. Cushioned surfaces conform to your shape and cradle your body at every touchpoint for maximum coziness.

Little kids often feel safest and comfiest in super-soft spaces, so ultra-plush mattresses are perfect for toddler loft beds and daybeds. Petite individuals also tend to sleep better in beds with thick cushioning that provides pressure point and joint pain relief. On the other hand, larger, heavier-set people may prefer firm mattresses that offer additional support.

Mattress Materials

Many ultra-plush mattresses feature a body-conforming, flexible memory foam base. Some sleepers might add pillow-top padding for supplemental support and cushioning. Multiple layers of memory or latex foam around a dense foam core serve as a firm foundation, while a quilted mattress cover creates the ultra-cozy cloud-like feel.

Hybrid mattresses have memory foam and an innerspring system that offers versatile, adaptable support for those who shift their positions throughout the night. As such, these ultra-plush mattresses are an excellent option for people who fidget or shift positions throughout the night. Some designs may also include a layer of temperature-regulating gel to promote a cool, refreshing night’s sleep.

Mattress Sizes

Whether you want to upgrade your primary suite or try a new mattress brand, this selection offers various ultra-plush mattress sizes to suit your needs. Choose a queen or king-size option to add a luxurious boost to any bedroom. A full or twin-size mattress maximizes comfort in kids' rooms and compact spaces and comes in thick and low-profile designs to suit a modern or traditional bed.

Ultra Plush Accessories

Looking to create a chic and cozy bedroom retreat? Pair your ultra-plush mattress with other comfortable accessories. Choose a complete ultra-plush mattress set with a mattress and foundation and add a practical mattress protector to keep stains and spills from damaging your sleep space. Lastly, drape your bed with soft bedding and throw pillows to complete your warm, snuggle-worthy setup.