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Kids Loft Beds

How to Choose a Kids Loft Bed

Kids loft beds are great choices for smaller spaces, since they allow children to have more room where they can play and fit additional items with drawers, hideaway cubby storage, dressers or toy bins. As the child grows, the space created by the loft bed may evolve from imaginary play lands to serious study areas. Because they serve many purposes, junior loft beds for kids are smart investments to buy. Loft beds come in a variety of sizes like mini options for toddlers, and low height designs for rooms with lower ceilings. These loft beds with additional items and features include:

Create Space & Save Money

Many kids loft beds come with extra seating, dressers, or additional space to play, which can save parents money. Older children enjoy lofted frames with bookcases and designated study areas or places to lounge, while those that are younger will love the themed tents and cabin designs that inspire creative play. Simple models are reasonably priced, but parents can purchase add-ons as they see fit. Just make sure you have enough room in your budget. We even offer elegant princess loft beds to give your room a fairytale theme.

Materials, Color & Style

No matter what style you choose, you can be sure to create a fun and exciting space for your child when you purchase a kids loft bed. Metal frames with neutral finishes, such as gray or black, or stained wooden frames fit well in most rooms. Use classic white or cherry wood for traditional rooms or modern, sleek espresso finishes for more mature and transitional spaces. Some kids loft beds have tents, towers, or slides in fun, bright colors like:

Mattresses and Safety

Most kids loft beds accommodate twin or full-size mattresses. Some may even come in queen sizes. Before purchasing the proper size, shoppers must consider the height of the mattress and of the ceiling due to the lofted nature of the bed. Too thick of a mattress puts children in jeopardy of striking their heads on the ceiling or falling out of the bed over the guardrails, while too thin of a mattress can have similar effects by causing kids to fall through or get stuck in the space between the excessively low mattress and the bed frame.

To ensure the safety of Jr. loft beds for kids, the surface of the mattress needs to remain slightly lower than the height of the safety rails. For children who enjoy playtime in bed, adding a canopy or a canopy design may also help safeguard against falls from the top of lofted mattresses.

Popular Accessories

The best kids loft beds come with different accessories that children and parents alike find appealing. For active and energetic boys and girls, a loft bed with a slide makes an ideal selection and brings the fun and excitement of the playground to the bedroom. As children get older, adding a dedicated workspace or extra storage under the sleep area is easy with a kids loft bed.