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Float away and forget your troubles while relaxing and falling asleep on a queen-size mattress. From memory foam to innerspring options, the right queen mattress will make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Comfort levels range from very plush to very firm, so you can get exactly what you need for a good night's sleep. The size of queen mattresses suits everyone, from solo sleepers to partners. Breathable and comfortable, the various foams and fabrics used in our designs provide a plush resting place for your entire body. Escape reality and find cloud nine with our luxury queen size mattresses online. More

Understand How to Buy Queen Mattresses

A new mattress is never cheap, so you want to be sure you understand exactly what to look for. Queen size mattresses often turn out to be the most affordable option for shoppers looking to strike a balance between having ample space for sleeping and being able to fit the bed in the designated area. In fact, of the four standard sizes of mattresses, the conventional queen mattress size ranks as the most popular choice on the market.

Standard Size and Dimensions

Measuring 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width, the dimensions of a queen mattress provide enough room for users to sleep comfortably together as well as individually. Queen size mattress measurements also prove compact enough for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms. The intermediate size of queen mattress selections presents a perfect solution for people who like to stretch out and sprawl while sleeping alone. Mattress thicknesses can range from 10 inch to 12 inch options.

Common Measurement Questions

The Actual Size of a Queen Size Mattress.

  • Question: How wide is a queen mattress? Answer: The width is 60 inches, or 152.4 centimeters (cm).
  • Question: How long is a queen mattress? Answer: The length is 80 inches, 203.2 centimeters (cm).

Comfort Levels

Innovations like traditional and gel memory foams add contouring qualities and luxurious cushioning to some of our mattress selections, while others use new advances in classic innerspring technology, such as hybrid models, to provide personalized support that reduces the transfer of motion and adjusts to different body types. Each queen size mattress in our collection also offers various levels of comfort ranging from ultra plush, tight top, super pillow top, to extra firm for a truly customized sleeping experience. Browse our inventory to find deals on queen size mattresses priced under $300, $200, and $100. You may even find inexpensive queen size bed-in-a-box styles, or queen size mattresses for futons.

Choosing a Style or Comfort Level

  • Plush - a soft "medium-level" queen.
  • Ultra Plush - even more soft and conforming.
  • Firm - more "added support" possibly with innerspring.
  • Extra Firm - just about as firm as you get.
  • Pillow Top - thin pillow layer or padding.
  • Euro Top - great for orthopedic support.

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