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Is a Plush Mattress the Best Option for Your Bedroom?

On the spectrum of mattress firmness, plush mattresses fall between firm and ultra plush. These medium-level mattresses provide the best of both worlds when it comes to softness and support. Here are some reasons why plush maybe the best option for you:

  • Top Pillow Padding - Cozy top padding offers a pleasant sleeping experience that never makes the user feel completely enveloped.
  • Side & Back Sleepers - People who sleep on their sides and backs often prefer the additional padding and comfort that plush mattresses offer.
  • Spinal Support - Firm underlying support provides enough resistance to keep the spine from moving out of its proper alignment.
  • Plus for Lower Back Support - Individuals with lower back problems frequently choose plush mattresses because they strike the right balance between supporting and contouring to the lower back.