Firm Mattress

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If you need solid support to get a good night's sleep, consider outfitting your bedroom with a firm mattress. Featuring dense layers of foam, traditional innerspring coils or a hybrid combination of both, firm mattresses and mattress sets offer a sturdy sleep surface that keeps you from sinking into the material. More

Critical Support

Firm mattresses are on the opposite end of the spectrum from plush and ultra-plush mattresses. Thick, solid surfaces promote healthy sleep by providing maximum support that helps relieve muscle tension and joint pressure. A firm mattress' unique design can also improve circulation to help you enjoy deep, restorative sleep each night.

Stomach sleepers often enjoy the stability of a firm mattress. Along with alleviating back pain, these sturdy surfaces diffuse pressure throughout the body, ensuring an even level of head-to-toe comfort. Since firm mattresses have less give, back sleepers can keep their chests elevated for easy breathing through the night.

Cooling Technology

Some firm mattresses feature advanced cooling and moisture-wicking designs to ensure a relaxing, refreshing night's rest. Gel-infused memory foam layers provide an inviting cool-to-the-touch feeling, while airflow pockets throughout your mattress keep fresh air circulating as you sleep. A firm mattress with a protective topper keeps the sleep surface cool and dry to promote deep, cozy slumber.

Size Options

With a vast array of mattress sizes available for kids and adults, it's easy to find a firm mattress to suit your bedroom. Shop luxurious king and queen mattresses to create a grand centerpiece in your primary bedroom or guest suite. Outfit a bonus room or studio apartment with a smaller full-size mattress. Or, choose a for your little one's princess- or pirate-themed bedroom.