Firm Mattress

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Also Known As "Medium Firm" or "Cushion Firm" Mattresses

The purpose of a firm mattress serves to provide added support over plush or ultra plush options, but it is not as firm as an extra firm. Thus the commonly used moniker "medium-firm" or "mid-firm."

  • Inner coils for support - Firm mattresses often use innerspring coil systems to support the body while you sleep.
  • Inner springs flex - Unlike foam models that conform to the shape of the body, the springs used in firm mattresses give as pressure is applied and distribute weight accordingly.
  • Spinal support - The ability to support the spine and the limbs often renders firm mattresses ideal options for alleviating lower back pain.

Consumers should compare models of firm mattresses before making final selections, as many brands and even models within brands vary in actual surface tension.

Firm mattresses come in varying sizes. Shoppers may find queen and king size mattress options featuring firmer sleeping surfaces. We carry trusted brands like Beautyrest and Serta, which offer both innerspring and memory foam options. Our models of firm mattresses feature pricing comparable to other mattress models in the industry. Many of our firm mattresses also serve as pieces of larger bedroom sets.