Dorm D├ęcor & Furniture

Designing a dorm room is all about compact functionality, storage space and convenience. Focus on dorm room furniture that can pull double duty to make the most of each square foot. A coffee table ottoman or a storage bench bring both fashion and function to tight spaces. More

Size definitely matters when decorating dorm rooms. The size of a dorm room shouldn't stop you from dreaming big, but measurements and space should certainly be taken into account when styling these rooms. There are many types of furniture and decor styles that can transform a dorm into your home-away-from-home.

Bunk beds and loft beds are a convenient way to use tall ceilings to your advantage. Choosing a model with a built-in futon adds seating without sacrificing space. Dorm room decor should also express your personality, so we offer a wide variety of pieces to match any style from breezy bohemian and sports fanatic to minimal and modern.

Dorm Room vs Bedroom

Though both bedrooms and dorm rooms express individuality and provide personal space to relax, there are some differences between the two. For starters, dorm rooms are typically much smaller in size than traditional bedrooms, yet they need to act as an office, kitchen, and living room all in one.

In the comfort of your own home, you are given plenty of space. However, dorms are generally shared between two or more people, which can lead to interior design mishaps and requires creative solutions for maximizing space. College is often the first time away from home for many students, so making yourself feel comfortable is crucial to your success. Since you're not going to want to break the bank to create your ideal room, you can turn to's Under $100 collection for help following these tips without overextending your wallet.

Decorating a Dorm Room

The main characteristic of dorm room decor is making the most of your space. Therefore, it is important to consider pieces that are not only tailored to your taste but are functional and versatile. For example, using a loft bed will create room for additional seating or storage underneath. Futons are especially great, as they can be used as a sofa during the day or an extra bed at night.

Another type of furniture that's multifunctional and perfect for decorating a dorm room is the ottoman. These pieces are typically used as footrests but they have plenty of other functions. For example, instead of using it to kick up your feet, try making an ottoman your coffee table. Select types also offer lift tops revealing extra storage ideal for remotes, magazines, blankets, and more.

For additional space, store containers and other items vertically. Cubed bookcases provide stow away space while acting as a boundary and providing privacy. Alone time can also be accomplished by hanging a curtain.

There are also ways you can transform furniture you already have to do double duty. For example, when decorative pillows are added against the back wall, beds can be turned into sofas. Turning your old bed into a daybed can also create additional seating. If you and your roommate are looking to save even more space, bunk beds are a great idea.

Final Impressions

Dorms may have specific rules about prohibiting the use of anything permanent. However, decals can be used to achieve a fun, stylish look that appeals to you and your roommate, without breaking any university policies. Artwork and pieces from home are other ways to enhance the decor in your dorm while making these cookie-cutter rooms look unique and lived-in. Style doesn't have to stop with walls, either. You can warm up cold floors by using colorful rugs with playful designs.