Medium Firm Mattress

Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattresses

If a firm or extra firm mattress is a little too rigid for your sleep style, consider a medium-firm mattress for your bedroom. These versatile mattresses strike the perfect balance between plush comfort and firm support, giving you a comfortable, refreshing night's sleep. More

Medium-firm memory foam mattresses come in many different designs. Hybrid models combine the latest adaptable memory foam technology with robust support layers. Meanwhile, innerspring memory foam mattresses with wrapped coils offer the benefits of foam layers with the feel of a traditional mattress.

Optimal Comfort

Medium-firm memory foam mattresses offer generous support for a variety of sleepers while providing a soft and flexible surface that conforms to your body shape. A responsive top layer ensures that you'll feel cozy night after night, while dense foam provides support for your back, sides and joints and prevents you from sinking into the mattress as you sleep.

For an extra layer of softness, you can also opt for a pillow top or Euro top medium-firm memory foam mattress. While the stitching, padding and construction of these two top layers differ, both styles deliver a cushioned sleep surface. If you like the feel of an ultra-plush model but need more support, a pillow or Euro top medium-firm mattress may be the perfect solution.

Cooling Features

Some medium-firm memory foam mattresses include advanced cooling technology to keep your bed feeling fresh throughout the night. Airflow pockets circulate air as you sleep, while gel-infused cooling pads dissipate heat and wick away moisture from the topmost layers.

Size Options

Available in various sizes, medium-firm mattresses are the perfect fit for virtually any bedroom. Try a king or queen-sized mattress for the primary bedroom of your dreams, or outfit your guest room with a smaller full-size mattress. Compact twin medium-firm memory foam mattresses are ideal for kids' rooms, as they take up less square footage and provide ample space for growing children.