Design Tips for the Teen Room

Posted In Design - 12/13/2016

As your kid enters his or her teen years, they will probably want to change their bedroom to reflect their stage in life. While their room will still be a place to sleep and dress, but now instead of using it for nap time and playing with toys, they will need a place to study and crave a place to relax on their own. To transform your child’s bedroom from a kid room to a teen room, think about what they will need during this phase of their life.

Study – Your teen will need a quiet place for studying and doing homework. A desk is a must; it should have space for a laptop and writing surface, plus room to store books and supplies. The desk should be paired with a good desk chair and a task light to reduce eyestrain.

Relax – Teens spend downtime differently than pre-teens and tots. They like to hang out with friends, read a book, create, play video games, etc. They like to spend a lot of this time on their own, in their own room. Having a comfy chair in their room, a daybed or a loft bed with a futon below are all great options for creating a relaxation zone for your teen.

Storage – Gone will be the toy boxes filled with the toys they enjoyed when they were younger, their room will have more books, school work necessities, and more stuff … personal mementos that they have collected over the years.  Installing wall shelves can be handy, especially if their desk does not have a hutch. While your teen will still need a dresser, they will likely also have more clothing that needs to be hung in the closet. Consider a night stand that has room for a reading light, phone charger and clock and a bookcase with room for books and storage boxes. 

Self-expression – Teens often have started mastering some of the interests they have explored over the years.  Help your teen express their still-forming identity by decorating based on their interests and skills.  For instance, mount their guitar or skateboards on the wall; create a rack to display that budding jewelry designer’s masterpieces or enlarge and frame their photography.   Find a way to showcase what is personal and important to them.  Walls can be used for expression, whether they choose to paint their own embellishments, apply decals or hang posters and prints.  Be sure to include a bulletin board for collections of photos, notes, ticket stubs and other memories. Hang a full-length mirror on the back of a door – part of their self-expression includes how they present themselves to the world.

You might not need to start from scratch to update your teen’s room, chances are some of their current furniture can stay. Take a look at what’s there already, think about what works for a teen and what doesn’t.  Is the bed big enough?  Is there enough space in the dresser?  Is the room big enough to fit in a desk with the current furniture configuration? Remember teens need less open floor space, but the furniture still needs to fit.

You might be able to hang on to the bed, dresser and bookcase they already have – consider painting or refinishing these furniture pieces if they have very youthful themes or colors.  If space is tight, look into loft or bunk bed options, there are many options available that include space-saving features like built-in desk, built-in storage, futon on the bottom bunk, and more.

Add a beanbag or comfy chair and if storage is needed a chest, night stand.  Finish the room off by updating the rug with something trendy, replacing wallpaper or repainting walls (let your teen pick the color!) and wall décor that means something to them.

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