Extra Firm Mattresses

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"Ultra Firm" or "Super Firm" - the firmest option traditionally available.

Lots of Back Support

Sometimes individuals suffering from back pain choose extra firm mattresses for the spinal support. A number of comparative studies between soft and firm mattresses also indicate that firmer mattresses provide better quality rest for most individuals with histories of lower back pain. Even individuals without back problems can experience back strain and stiffness from overly soft mattresses. Anyone looking for quality rest and pain-free mornings should consider the ultimate support extra firm, or extremely firm, mattresses provide.

  • "Most firm" mattress available - these sturdy mattresses provide ample support and remain resilient to undesirable sinking and sagging.
  • Very firm, but still comfy - really firm support doesn't have to mean a harsh, unforgiving feel. Our mattresses are quality-made and offer superior restorative support while feeling supremely comfortable.
  • Top cushion - Many of our mattresses feature top cushioning that distributes weight to alleviate pressure on any one point of the body.
  • Coolness - Firmness isn't the only factor that makes a mattress comfortable; a regulated temperature is key to relaxing sleep, and many of our mattresses feature designs that increase airflow to dissipate heat.
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