Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protector Pads & Topper

When your mattress isn’t as comfortable as you would like, a mattress pad or mattress topper can add sleeping comfort, offering an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your mattress by protecting from wear, stains and liquids—even allergens. 

Added Comfort & Support
Quality mattress pads are typically made with natural cotton fibers that create cool, breathable sleeping surfaces and ensure lasting comfort. The soft blend of cotton and technologically advanced fabrics enhances your night's rest by providing extra support and cushioning. If you suffer from chronic pain or find yourself tossing and turning at night, the additional plush layer a mattress pad provides may be just the thing you need to finally get a restful night of sleep. 

Clean & Convenient
Not only does adding a mattress pad to your bed bring an extra layer of comfort and support, but it can also protect the mattress from spills. A dirty bed is not a comfortable place to sleep, and a good mattress pad keeps your sleeping space clean by providing a protective barrier that is easily machine washed. Want to keep your mattress as fresh and comfortable as the day you bought it? Then elevate your sleeping experience and extend the life of your bed by purchasing a mattress pad today.

Why Use a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads sold today are usefully designed to fully cover the mattress. The old-style mattress pads with elastic straps that simply anchored a flat, quilted mattress pad to the corners of the mattress are history.

Mattress pads are an excellent way to protect the fabric covering your new bed. Luxurious fabrics now used by mattress manufacturers are quite durable yet many people feel a need to protect the pristine new mattress.

Thus, they cover it with a mattress pad. This pad is put on the same as a fitted sheet and the sheet goes right over the protective pad.

If you would like a new mattress but can't find money in your budget to buy one right now, you might choose to purchase a high-quality mattress pad.

Even the luxurious pads that provide a loft much like the pillow top on a new mattress will cost less than $100. If your bed is just a bit too firm, a good quality mattress pad will add a softer surface.

If your young child has problems with bedwetting, a mattress pad is a necessity. Special products are designed for use on youth beds.

These offer a lay of waterproof material that keeps moisture from being absorbed into the mattress should an accident occur. The better quality pads also have an absorbent layer to capture accidents and protect mattress edges and the floor.

The same technology produces mattress pads used in hospitals and nursing homes and are available to those who care for incontinent adults in the home as well.

One advantage of using even a low-cost mattress pad is the ability to remove it as easily as you would a sheet and to launder it frequently. This will help eliminate the potential for bedbugs and prevent odors that can build over time in mattress coverings.

Mattress Pad Options

The most popular choice today is a fitted mattress pad. The padding that forms the top of the pad is joined to light fabrics with elastic around the entire lower edge.

This allows the pad to be installed just like a bed sheet and keeps it securely in place when the bed is in use. For ease of installation, many mattress pads today have shirring that eliminates stretching and pulling to install them.

The same fine tightly woven cotton you look for in your sheets and pillowcases can now be found covering your mattress pad. Damask covers the best selling mattress pads with a top that is fully quilted. These pads are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried.

Overfilled mattress pads are popular for those who want softer beds. Some of the pads are a full inch thick and some are overfilled to create a pillowed mattress pad that gives the same feel of a mattress topper.

Mattress Pads for Temperature Control

If you have a memory foam mattress you may find it holds body heat and becomes uncomfortably warm. This is a common complaint of memory foam mattress owners.

The simple solution is to add a good quality mattress pad with loose, fluff filling. This will provide a layer of material between your body and the foam mattress that will help regulate the temperature of your sleeping surface. A mattress pad will not reduce the comfort of a memory foam mattress.

For extra warmth in the wintertime, consider a heated mattress pad.  Many mattress protectors offer protection from dust mites and other allergens.  There are also mattress protectors with bedbug barriers. These mattress pads encase the entire mattress and zip closed, rather than slipping on like a fitted sheet.

The largest of the heated mattress pads sells for only $150. These pads have a pre-heat setting that will warm your bed while you are getting ready to retire and up to 10 temperature settings.

There is an automatic shutoff feature that eliminates the problem of forgetting to turn off the heated mattress pad in the morning. Some of the heated mattress pads have dual controls and each side of the bed can be set to a different temperature.

Mattress Pads for Allergies

The choice of bedding is critical for those who suffer from allergies. High-end mattress pads are available to provide a sleeping area without the dust and lint commonly shed by older mattresses.

These mattress pads are often 2-3 inches thick and may cover the top of the mattress without the extra fabric that provides a fitted installation. A fitted sheet is sufficient to keep these mattress pads in place.

Unlike other standard mattress pads, the products designed to reduce allergic reactions are padded with latex, a natural product and renewable resource.

The latex center is often wrapped with lamb's wool and covered in an organic cotton fabric. Latex, wool and organic cotton are free of chemicals or chemical treatments.

They are odorless, soft and durable. These mattress pads are not a good choice for those needing spinal support but provide softness to an overly firm mattress and reduce dust and lint that are released by many mattresses.