Best Mattress for Back Pain

What is a Good Mattress to Buy for Lower Back Pain?

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Since the average person spends roughly a third of his or her entire life in bed, choosing the right mattress is an undertaking of considerable importance. Making hasty or uninformed decisions when it comes to mattresses can ultimately lead to sleep deprivation, which slows metabolism and weakens the immune system. Sleeping on a poorly selected mattress can also cause physical discomfort and pain, especially for people with back problems.

For anyone with a bad back, the process of looking for the ideal mattress might seem even more complicated than usual. However, with the proper information and a little patience, finding the best mattress for back pain becomes a rewarding task that has a direct impact on one's quality of sleep and, by extension, quality of life.

Comfort Level & Firmness

Just as the wrong mattress can trigger or worsen a bad back, the right one can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by nagging physical ailments. While doctors and sleep experts traditionally recommended an extra firm sleep surface for the added support, modern research suggests that the best mattresses for back pain actually offer an intermediate level of firmness. In various research studies, participants sleeping on medium-firm mattresses reported lower levels of back pain relative to the subjects using extra firm ones. The results of the studies coincide with the views of many contemporary sleep experts, who say extra firm mattresses fail to provide support evenly while softer ones often cause the body to sink too far into the surface. Ultimately, though, identifying the best mattress for back pain depends mainly on the personal preferences of the individual user.

Test in Person

Customers in the market for a new mattress should try out various options in person, as the mattress retail industry does not have a standardized system of formally classifying different comfort levels. Testing mattresses in person therefore ensures the purchase of a selection offering the ideal combination of firm support and soft comfort for the individual seeking relief from back pain.

Shoppers should try the following:

  • lie on each possible selection for 10 or 15 minutes in the preferred sleep position
  • make sure the mattress keeps the spine evenly supported and properly aligned while maintaining the natural curvature of the body
  • the best mattresses for back pain also allow common pressure points, like the hips and shoulders, to sink in just enough to ease the tension on the muscles and prevent achy joints
Some Firm Mattress Options: