Bring the Outside in With These Indoor Plant Wall Ideas

There’s something extraordinary about having indoor plants. Incorporating natural beauty is a hot 2024 design trend as more people discover how transformative of a role plants can play in interior decor. 

One trendy design is a plant wall, a concept that economizes on space while creating a visual guaranteed to catch the eye.

What’s a Plant Wall?

A plant wall is any vertical surface adorned and decorated with plants. While most examples are on various walls in the home, you can also create a plant wall on other surfaces, such as a room divider or a freestanding panel. With lots of flexibility in the type, number, style, and arrangement of plants, these decorative walls are an elegant and versatile way to bring in a slice of the outside.

Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious home, a plant wall can create a peaceful feel year-round. Here are several creative and stylish indoor plant wall ideas you can easily create: 

Hanging Clay Pots

Style: Rustic and Tuscan, hanging pots are guaranteed to add a natural touch to any space. 

After carefully drilling holes in the rims of clay pots, thread them with sturdy twine or rope. Hang the pots from ceiling hooks at different levels. This setup is ideal for herbs or succulents that require less watering.

Succulent Frame

Style: This eclectic and contemporary design is excellent for showing off a colorful display in a compact space. 

Empty a wooden picture box frame, fill it with soil, and lay down a sheet of hardware cloth or chicken wiring. Then, plant the succulents in tight rows across the entire frame for a unique, living piece of art that can go right on the wall.

Floating Shelves & Pots

Style: This concept has a contemporary look that can just as easily be busy and full of life or sleek and minimalist.

A single shelf can highlight one piece, working beautifully in minimalist settings to serve as a focal point. Alternatively, you can include multiple shelves to achieve the level of busyness you want. Remember to install floating shelves at different heights and arrange a mix of pots with trailing and upright flora, such as Snake plants.

Plant Baskets

Style: Bohemian and relaxed, variations on this design can lend a playful, down-to-earth vibe.

Like clay pots, hang woven baskets from the ceiling using durable cords or twine. Alternatively, you can affix hooks or a wall-mounted rod to the wall. The open baskets provide airflow, making them suitable for plants that need excellent circulation around their roots, such as ferns and spider plants.

Greenery & Wall Art

Style: This transitional, eclectic idea combines natural elements with wall decor to create a desired aesthetic that’s visually pleasing. 

Combine planters with artwork to infuse your personality and create a gallery-like look in your home. Whether you’re trying to make a serene bedroom with neutral tones or want your design to pop off the walls, playing with colors, textures, and dimensions is all part of the fun.

Herb Shelf

Style: Perfect for kitchens in practically any style, an herb shelf has the dual advantage of adding a splash of color while producing fresh herbs you can use every day!

Herb shelves need plenty of sun and work best close to kitchen windows. Create wooden shelves and arrange small pots or recycled containers with herbs such as basil, parsley, and thyme.

What Plants Work Best Indoors?

Creating a plant wall is a good idea whether you’re refreshing your home for spring or easing into autumn, and many plant varieties can become year-round fixtures in your home decor. 

Factors to consider are how much light and water plants need, how easily you can move them, and how they blend with the existing color palette. Popular plant varieties that work well indoors include:

Spider Plant
Bright white or cool gray helps spider plants blend in minimalist settings.

What Plants Work Best Indoors?

There are so many beautiful ways to add some greenery to your home with indoor plant wall ideas. Whether you're a plant expert or a beginner, a plant wall is the perfect way to bring a serene sense of nature indoors!

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