Tuscan Style Decor & Furniture

Tuscan Inspired Furniture & Decor

A throwback to rural Italian life, Tuscan-style furniture is known for its aged finishes and intricate patterns. If you’re a fan of strong textures and an emphasis on natural light, Tuscan-style furniture is a strong candidate. For the complete experience, use travertine or terracotta tiles for flooring along with plaster walls. The color palette is a rich blend of earth tones and flexible neutrals. Take a trip back to the mother country by shopping our collection of Tuscan-style furniture.

Living Room

Evoke the peaceful warmth and beauty of the Italian countryside using Tuscan interior design. A Tuscan sofa with faux leather upholstery or warm beige fabric provides soft seating and a cozy atmosphere for gathering with family. Frame a hardwood Tuscan coffee table with a pair of earthy green or dark red arm chairs for classic comfort and a timeless Tuscan living room look.

Looking for more Tuscan living room decor? Throw pillows with terracotta, brown and mossy green material make wonderful accents for your family room seating arrangement. Rich, wood-finished Tuscan tables like sofa and end tables have natural, rugged appeal. Meanwhile, details like scrolled bases and carved legs lend a touch of classic nostalgia to your space.


A Tuscan bedroom set has polished wood paneling to enhance the warm, cozy vibe of your sleep space. Natural wood dressers, bed frames, chests and nightstands bring stunning beauty and Old World charm to your bedroom. Look for beds with traditional-style posters, decorative headboards and wrought iron accents to add a chic boost to your Tuscan design.

Whether you want a light and airy look or a moodier, more soothing atmosphere, a Tuscan bedroom setup lets you create the perfect vibe. Drape your light wood bed with a white cotton comforter and hang up olive green curtains to evoke the peaceful, free-spirited feel of the countryside. Or, choose golden Tuscan bedding with delicate embroidery for an upscale, regal feel in your primary suite.

Dining Room

When decorating a Tuscan-style home, the dining room should showcase a deep love for family and food. Choose Tuscan dining room sets with plenty of seating for all your guests. Want a separate, casual place to eat away from your formal dining room? Design a Tuscan-style kitchen, home bar or breakfast nook with a small, round wood table for relaxed, intimate dining with your loved ones.

To promote a charming, down-home feel for enjoying home-cooked meals, select Tuscan-style furniture with handmade detailing. Set up a Tuscan dining table with quality wood and a weathered finish. Surround the table with Tuscan dining chairs with scrolled arms, plush cushions and decorative seat backs so your guests can enjoy a comfortable fine dining experience.


Spread the sunny, refreshing feel of Tuscany throughout the rest of your home using Tuscan-style decor in every room. Select a Tuscan chandelier with a wrought iron frame and a rounded shade to add stunning elegance to your foyer or bedroom. Place a Tuscan lamp on your hallway console table to illuminate your walkways with soft, glowing warmth.

For more Tuscan decorating ideas, shop around for Tuscan wall decor, vases and statuettes that show an appreciation for handmade art. Other Tuscan decor like Tuscan rugs and throw blankets with traditional prints and earthy hues provide an extra touch of softness for your layout. With Tuscan furniture and decor, you can bring the splendor of the Italian countryside to your home.