Decorate Your Front Door for Spring

Springtime is typically when you want to welcome the neighborhood to your home. Whether you have guests over for a weekend brunch or family coming to enjoy the longer days, spring decorating can make your home a hub for special gatherings. Start off with the first thing your guests see when they make it out to visit: your front door. We’ve put together some spring front door decorating ideas to get you started. 

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Paint Your Front Door

Most homes come with a standard-issue door with a drab color scheme. You can increase your home’s curb appeal by making the door a stunning focal point with a solid hue. Consider black against a brick home, or a bold red or blue against a white or grey exterior. 

Since a new color can be a big change, consider testing the paint on a small area first to see if it fits with your chosen color scheme. Try to envision your complete entryway design after the door has a new coat of paint, including how plants and rug patterns will elevate the look.

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Layer Rugs

The doormat with the clever saying is just one option to make your entryway appear welcoming. Consider a 5’ x 8’ rug with a pleasing pattern. If you have a sizable front porch, you might want to place the rug in an orientation that accents the porch’s shape and space so it feels like an extension of the inside of your home. 

For added appeal and comforting feel you can layer one or two outdoor rugs whose designs complement each other, with the doormat just at the foot of the door.

Learn more about layering rug with this helpful guide.

Frame With Plants

Consider making your front steps a home for a mixture of large and small plants, in particular those that start to bloom with bold color as spring begins. Smaller plants of various shapes and sizes can populate a small plant stand or even a utility shelf on one or both sides of your door.  

Large-leafed tropical plants, placed in matching pairs on either side of the door, can nicely accent the space and offer a regal feeling for people entering your home. Topiaries offer distinct shapes you can use to create a modern entryway, especially if you have a matching hedge on the border of your property. 

Add a Floral Wreath

Wreaths are standard issue for winter holiday decor, but you can remove the mistletoe and add in a few flowers to make the ideal aesthetic touch in spring. Regularly replace fresh flowers in a green wreath or opt for attractive tissue paper or fabric flowers that will withstand the spring weather. Choose colors that go well with your door, such as light pastels against light-colored wood or bold hues that stand out against a darker entryway theme. 

Some alternatives to the forest wreath are bare branches or vines bent into a circular shape, with floral or even fabric accents. A few large blooms along with a fabric bow can give your door a unique springtime look. Thin green branches, or even alternative wreaths made of easter eggs, flower buds, and birds’ nests are all options to create your springtime look. 

Place a Flower Basket on the Door

Hanging baskets are a tried-and-true component of most springtime outdoor decor. You can flip this tradition by placing a basket on the door. Consider a narrow wicker basket or one that’s designed for wall mounting. Your basket, of course, doesn’t have to be wicker. There are painted baskets made of woven bamboo or natural strips of tree bark, to name just two alternatives.

For the freshest look, continually replenish the flowers in the basket, making new arrangements every few days. You can also use some plastic or paper greens along with a few fabric blooms for a set-it-and-forget-it look that lasts the entire season. 

DIY or Purchase a Front Door Sign

A sign on the front door helps set the mood for any springtime visit. There’s the simple “welcome,” or “hello,” but you might want to develop a custom sign that includes your family name or other message. Since a sign says something specific to all who come to enter your home, give some thought to the perfect words of greeting. 

Many signs can be purchased at a home or garden store. For the DIY variety, check out your local craft store for lettering, paints, and backdrops. The best aspect of DIY is the chance to customize your sign to fit the rest of your unique springtime decor. 

Make Space for an Accent Bench

Sitting outside on the front porch invokes feelings of warm spring nights when sunlight starts to linger into the evening. You can bring this luxurious mood to your front entryway with an accent bench. It can be a small seat, like an ottoman or pouf, good for a brief rest, or a longer bench ideal for small gatherings and conversation. 

Whether the bench offers utility or just an appealing look, it's a great addition to your springtime redecorating. Many benches double as storage spaces, so you can keep a blanket on hand for when the evening cools down. Plus, adding accent cushions or pillows gives you another opportunity to create a springtime look that is both fresh and fun.

Bring the Spring Mood to Your Home

When springtime comes around, people naturally want to bring the light of longer days and the joyous mood of new growth into their homes. You can capture the aesthetic with spring front door decorating ideas. Whether it’s a quick paint job, some garden accessories, or the delight of fresh flowers, choose whatever option speaks to you this season. 

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