4 Interior Styles Inspired by Your 2024 Summer Soundtrack 

Interior inspiration is everywhere — and this summer we’re putting down the design magazines and cuing up the playlist. Full of vocal and creative range, here’s our shopping guide to channel the influx of new albums, from cowboy Western vibes to dreamy cottagecore.
The Poet’s Edit
An intricate balance of soft yet edgy, this theme injects a little bit of haiku-level minimalism to the traditional writer’s room. We’re swapping out the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and warm wood panels for striking silhouettes, a stoic writing desk, and a moody chandelier — preferably made of wrought iron for less of a glam effect.
The Cowboy Edit
If you’re riding into your revenge era, this may be the bold aesthetic you’ve been looking for. In line with the current Western trend, we’re adding eye-catching accents, from fringe to faux animal prints. If you’re worried things will start looking too cartoonish, we recommend reining it in with an earthy color palette.
The Well Edit
Many of us don’t live in the English countryside, but that soft and pastoral look has an undeniable allure. For a more modern take, consider adding a few mid century elements to the usual cottagecore interior. This will add some structure that still complements your lush upholstery and soft botanical prints. 
The Sunshine Edit
True to its name, sparkling gold accents take center stage in this theme. Designed for the lover of all things decadent and glam, let yourself gravitate toward charismatic shapes, wallpapers, and warm jewel tones. Extra points for incorporating a sumptuous love seat to amp up the romance.