Trend Watch: French Script

Posted In Design - 06/27/2019

Call it Parisian flair, Old World elegance or provincial appeal. More and more gorgeous finds are popping up with French phrases elegantly scrawled across them. From wall art to ottomans, toss pillows to club chairs, this transcendent look is at once charming and sophisticated.

Add just a subtle detail with few toss pillows, or command attention with an oversized ottoman or large scale wall art. No matter how big or small, these accents elevate your room with a perfect touch of je ne sais quoi.

Here are some of our favorite discoveries:

Often these pieces mix a vintage feel with modern lines in winter white, natural linen, or antique white. Stylish accent chairs wrapped in French script upholstery are great in a quaint reading corner or an elegant conversation area.

Décor items and French text add a romantic, timeless, sophisticated or antique look. Try creating groupings of two or three elements to build a presence or provide the shabby chic effect.

Charming accents like café signs, a floor lamp, or an area rug could be combined together to create a pervasive theme or used individually to add just a hint of Provincial flair – c’est magnifique!

Graphic wall art with graffiti-like elements, sayings, and famous landmarks can create a striking statement in any space.

Perfect for your growing fashionista’s bedroom, wall art with layered fashion sketches and elegant script has it all – très chic!

Parisian style is characterized by effortless confidence, chic irreverence and a sly smile. So have fun with these additions. Create a space that’s all your own and you too will say j’adore.

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