Retro Decor & Furniture

Retro Style Furniture & Decor

Retro Living Rooms

Designing a chic retro living room is a breeze when you start with the right furniture and accents. Begin with a retro sofa like a wood-framed futon or a modular sectional. Pair your groovy couch with retro chairs that feature a similar upholstery color or design. Once you've got your retro style seating set up, you'll just need a few accents to finish off your layout.

When it comes to retro coffee tables, you've got plenty of designs to consider. You can opt for a rectangular wood table set on hairpin legs for a cool mid-century look or select a round marble cocktail table with a golden tripod base. Complete your retro furniture layout by adding coordinating end tables and a retro TV stand to complement your overall look.

Vintage-Style Furniture for Dining Rooms and Kitchens

A retro aesthetic allows dining rooms and kitchens to switch easily between casual daily use and formal occasions. Look for retro dining tables with a diner-style design and a polished chrome finish for your kitchen breakfast nook. Or, opt for a retro dining set with a rectangular wood top and angled legs to seat more people during holiday parties.

When selecting retro furniture for the dining room, seating is important. Your retro dining chairs should complement your table, but they don't need to be a perfect match. Look for similar silhouettes or finishes that work with the table you have. For breakfast nooks and kitchen islands, consider retro bar stools for comfortable seats that coordinate with your aesthetic.

Chic Retro Bedrooms

Few decor styles are more appealing than a sleek retro bedroom design. Whether your decorating goal is mid-century modern, 60s chic or 70s glam, there is plenty of retro bedroom furniture available to help you create the perfect throwback theme for a primary bedroom or guest room.

Once you decide on your retro design, the rest is easy. Look for a bed and retro nightstands to complement your frame. If you have a wooden bed with angled legs, for example, shop for bedside tables with the same type of base. Then, search for a retro dresser that echoes the bed and nightstand's design for a cohesive look.

Nostalgic Decor

Whether you're designing a room with a total 60s vibe or you just want a few nostalgic touches here and there in your layout, you can add retro decor to coordinate with your color palette or build on your theme. Even a pair of retro accent pillows with old-school-cool patterns can elevate the look of a contemporary couch or modern accent chair.

Lighting options like retro chandeliers or retro wall art from macrame hangings to vintage metal signs can take an ordinary living room or dining room to a whole new level. You can also try a retro lamp to illuminate your reading nook or search for prints or paintings to capture the perfect mood.