Old World Decor & Furniture

Old World Style Furniture & Decor

Take a trip back to 16th- and 17th-century Europe with old-world style symmetrical and formal furnishings. Thoroughly traditional with antique hardware and accents, old world-style furniture has a worn-yet-regal appeal. Think dark finishes, detailed ornaments, and scrolled metal pieces that offer a sense of elegance and grace. If you’re looking for beautiful old world-style furniture, ye just found it. More

Embracing Old World Charm

Filled with rich finishes and imbued with the weighty feeling of history, Old World decor style is inspired primarily by 16th- and 17th-century European sensibilities. However, Old World includes a wide range of looks since it can include everything from a rustic Tuscan estate to a refined French Chateau.

Furnishings of the time tend to have a substantial, stately presence. Wood pieces run the gamut from refined lines and ornate detail to roughly hewn and worn with age. Incorporating Old World look into your home can elevate your space, combining grandeur and comfort to create a room that is both elegant and inviting.

Introduce many varied materials to your room including wood, metal, fabric, leather and stone. Look for rich woods like mahogany and walnut and aged metals like bronze and wrought iron.

Choose colors that are deeply saturated versions of muted and regal tones – shades like chocolate brown, merlot, navy and pine. Select oversized furnishings that command the space add to the welcoming appeal. Look for pieces with a handcrafted feel including hammered metal details.

Warm up your flooring with an area rug that carries through your color scheme. Choose a rug with a traditional pattern that has a distressed effect to enhance the timeworn patina in your room. Incorporate damasks or brocade fabric patterns that hint at heavy wall tapestries. Embrace gilded details and carved embellishments to celebrate the splendor of this time period.

Big on character and featuring intricate details that grace them with depth and interest, Old-World-inspired bedrooms feel luxurious and decadent. The ornate details, elaborate carvings and a combination of aged materials give these rooms a unique presence.

On the patio, a dinette set that features a scrolling metal structure and ornately patterned tile top. In the entryway, an aged console table with antiqued metal pulls creates a warm welcome home.

An accent cabinet or accent table with gilded details and hand-painted design complements any empty wall or corner. Pieces with majestic bones and timeworn antiquity saturate your space with a well-appointed stature. 

Old World style feels gorgeous and grand, with a formal yet lived-in feel. The overall effect is both luxurious and inviting.