Old World Decor & Furniture

Old World Style Furniture & Decor

For a blend of dignified elegance and down-home comfort, consider decorating your home in Old World style. Old World design takes its inspiration from antique European art and architecture, so textured materials, graceful silhouettes and dark, rich hues are the hallmarks of this refined aesthetic. Use Old World furniture and accents to give your layout a luxurious yet lived-in look. More

Living Room

Old World interior design promotes contrast between ornate detailing and simple construction. Set up a dark brown leather sofa with carved wooden arms and tapered legs for a living room centerpiece. Place coordinating brown leather arm chairs on either side of the couch, then add an Old World coffee table with a dark wood finish to tie your chic and charming seating arrangement together.

To enhance the sophisticated look in your living room, choose accents like Old World rugs featuring geometric or Persian prints. For ambient lighting, mount European-style sconces with dimmers on the walls. Or, set bronze Old World lamps with vintage shades on your dark wood end tables to enhance the regal yet relaxed atmosphere of the room.

Dining Room

An Old World-style dining room provides a dramatic setting for fancy dinner parties and cozy family gatherings. Use an Old World dining room set with a large wooden Old World dining table to seat all your relatives and dinner guests. Add Old World dining chairs with padded leather cushions and lounge-worthy high-back designs so your loved ones can kick back and enjoy their meals in comfort.

Cast your dining room in a warm, breathtaking glow by hanging a large crystal Old World chandelier over the table. As the soft lights refract through the glass and crystal, a shimmering effect will enhance the stunning, upscale look of your dining room. If you need chic and practical storage for serving dishes and fine china, round out your dining room with Old World cabinets, buffets and bar carts.


Outfit your bedroom with artisanal Old World decor to create a sophisticated yet snuggly atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Start with essential furnishings like dressers, nightstands and Old World bedroom sets featuring poster beds, upholstered accents or tufted headboards. Try bedroom sets with brown, black and dark wood finishes to complement your navy, burgundy, forest green or beige bedding.

Finish off your bedroom with other Old World decor to accentuate your elegant, charming vibe. Hang up textured curtains and roll out patterned rugs for extra softness and style. Personalize the layout with unique bedside lamps, pottery, figurines and other accessories that add character and comfort to the room.


Once all the essential furnishings are in place, complete your elegant home makeover with Old World home decor. Old World decor style emphasizes the grace and beauty of classic pieces, so set plaster busts and marble statuettes on your tabletops for a rich, antique aesthetic. Mount paintings, tapestries and other wall art to introduce vibrant color and opulent texture to your rooms.

Pair your dark furniture and accents with striking, colorful decor for bold contrast throughout your home. Highlight your Old World design with subtle hints of gold, turquoise and emerald tones to brighten up a deep cherry or mahogany palette. Or, if your color scheme includes wrought iron and polished bronze hues, add soft cream-colored throw pillows and white area rugs to lighten up your layouts.