Size Guide

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size for Your Bedroom

When it comes to mattresses, size matters. The right mattress size offers enough space for sleeping comfortably without feeling restricted or constrained.

When evaluating the various mattress dimensions available for purchase, buyers need to keep certain considerations in mind before making a selection:

  • How Many People Will Sleep on It? The number of people intending to sleep on the mattress ranks among the primary issues shoppers must consider, as couples obviously need a larger mattress size than solo sleepers.
  • Height & Weight of Sleepers Personal stature plays a major role in deciding which mattress to choose, as well. Smaller mattresses generally prove suitable for young children and teenagers, while fully grown adults typically require more expansive mattress sizes.
  • What Size Room? In addition to considering the number and size of people planning to use the mattress, shoppers must select a mattress size appropriate for the space allotted.

Fortunately, offers all the most popular mattress sizes in a variety of comfortable styles.

Small Mattress Options

  • Crib - The smallest mattress size available, crib mattresses perfectly accommodate newborn babies and infants.
  • Twin - Twin mattresses represent the next step up from the crib mattress size and make ideal selections for growing children as well as young adults residing in dormitories or other small living spaces. Twins are also popular for day beds.
  • Full - Another popular choice for older children and young adults, a full size mattress is the same length as a twin mattress but offers a wider surface area.  Despite offering more space than the twin mattress size, full mattresses remain most suitable for people sleeping individually rather than as part of a couple.

Big Mattress Options

  • Queen - Queen mattresses rank as the best mattress size for the majority of shoppers in the market for a new bed and boast enough room for couples and single sleepers alike.
  • King - A king size mattress features increased mattress measurements to serve as the largest standard option available and provides maximum sleeping space for customers with big enough bedrooms.

Expanded king, sometimes called California king, are available from some mattress manufacturers. Manufacturers have experimented with other sizes such as Olympic queen, but they are no longer produced.