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How to Choose a Kids Bunk Bed

Kids bunk beds and loft beds are perfect for children of every age. From themed beds ideal for school-age kids to more sophisticated models suited to young adults, we’re sure you’ll find the frame you need. If your kids are in college, check out our trendy dorm room bunk beds for the perfect fit. Convenient features, such as built-in desks or bookshelves, only sweeten the deal. Keep your child’s room tidy with a kids loft bed or bunk bed that comes with trundle storage capabilities, or let their playful side run wild with an imaginative frame that makes bedtime fun. Whatever your children need, we have the perfect bed for them.

Ideal for siblings and children of any age, kids bunk beds offer a fun way to sleep that also saves space and money. Bunk beds are available in a variety of styles, each with different practical functions and trendy themes to suit your children.

Picking a Size & Budget

Kids bunk beds are great if you're looking to keep a bedroom's floor space open. Because these beds stack vertically, measure your ceiling height before settling on a specific bed to ensure it can fit comfortably. And be sure to avoid ceiling fixtures such as lights or fans. To get the most use out of your piece at the best price, consider models with special features such as storage drawers or shelves. Find bunks under $500, $400, $300, and $200.

Style Choices

While most bunk beds for kids feature two stacked twin over twin or full over full beds, other configurations make versatile, unique additions to your child's bedroom decor. For example, we offer twin over full bunk beds for a modern look. Loft-style beds free up space by raising a single mattress to the height of a standard top bunk. Sometimes a futon is placed in the empty area underneath, where it can serve as a sofa or an extra bed for sleepovers. This area is also great for desks, storage furniture, or open play areas. We offer bunks with additional items and features:

While a loft bed provides enough space for a single child, those with children sharing a room may prefer a standard kids bunk bed. Once you've found the right fit, you and your children can have fun choosing between classic colors and styles or modern themes like L-shaped bunks.

Materials & Colors

Kids bunk beds are commonly constructed with wood or metal to ensure stability and safety. Both materials are durable and long-lasting, though they fit best into different types of decor. Wood is often used in classic or rustic design schemes, while metal looks modern and sleek. To introduce a fun color, look at painted bunk beds in a variety of colors including brown and gray.

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