Definition of Poly-fill

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is Poly-fill?

A synthetic material used as cushioning in pillows and bedding, poly-fill is soft, durable, extremely fluffy, and widely used in the mattress industry. Made from polyester, the material is commonly referred to as polyester fiber, fiberfill, or, simply, stuffing. Poly-fill is frequently used in mattress pads to provide additional cushioning to mattresses. Mattress toppers and comforters that use poly-fill typically need baffle designs in order to keep stuffing in place.

Poly-fill can be purchased by itself to revitalize stuffed bedding items that may become deflated overtime. The material is commonly found in hobby shops for stuffing pillows, plush toys, and soft crafts. Polyester stuffing is typically sold per pound.