Definition of Offset Coil

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is an Offset Coil?

An offset coil is an innerspring coil system that provides more custom-contouring support than traditional Bonnell coils. Different in shape than traditional circular coils, offset coils have squared-off coil heads that resemble hourglasses. The straight edges are linked by thin wire, called helical lacing, which provides a hinging effect when force is applied. Hinging allows individual coils to pivot better and results in better body-contouring support.

Offset coils come in knotted or open-ended varieties. Knotted offset coils are more stable, whereas open-ended offset coils are more responsive. Offset coil systems are mostly found in mid-range and high-end mattresses. In terms of luxury spring support, offset coils usually rank second to individual coil arrangements.