Definition of Heat-Tempering

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is Heat-Tempering?

A process which improves innerspring coil strength and resiliency, heat-tempering, also called tempering or heat treatment, involves heating steel wire to a high temperature and then allowing the metal to air-cool. This reduces the brittleness of fully hardened steel, thus making metal tougher and more durable. Tempering also ensures coils maintain their intended shape after numerous compressions. Coils may be twice-tempered, or heated and cooled twice in succession, for even greater strength and resilience.

Mattress shoppers should only shop for innerspring mattresses that use tempered coils. Though most mattress brands temper their coils, shoppers should double-check before buying. For the longest-lasting mattresses, shoppers should look for twice-tempered coils.