Definition of False-Loft

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is False-Loft?

False-loft comes from stuffing a mattress with low-quality materials to create the illusion of being more comfortable. Some shoppers assume mattresses which look thicker or taller offer better comfort, but this is not true. Many factors play into comfort, and the appearance of being thicker and fuller does not guarantee comfort. Lower-quality mattress manufacturers may try to profit off the misconception by loading mattresses with sub-par materials. Manufacturers often use low-quality fibers, padding, or convoluted foam to "puff up" mattresses.

Mattress shoppers should not judge mattresses based on appearance. Savvy shoppers should check if mattresses use quality materials, and, most important of all, lie down on mattresses to ensure comfort. Mattress shoppers looking for a safe bet when it comes to mattress quality can always go with trusted names. Name-brand mattresses guarantee quality and do not make products with false-loft.