What Kind of Mattress Do I Need?

Common Mattress Types

When the time comes for a new mattress, shoppers must consider the different options available in order to select one which meets individualized needs. An innerspring mattress with supportive coil springs provides customers with various firmness and budget options. Often, heavier people or those with back pain enjoy firm models. By reducing pressure points and relieving pain, memory foam mattresses are another option. If sleeping with a partner, the mattress will not move and disturb the other person if one partner tosses and turns. Chronic fatigue and some types of muscle pain are remedied with this type. However, memory foam mattresses are temperature-sensitive and will soften from body heat. Other possibilities include hybrid, latex, adjustable, and air mattresses. Some varieties help those needing elevation, while others provide differing firmness and comfort on each side.

Common Comfort Levels

In addition to type, individuals must decide on a firm or plush mattress, with in-between options available as well. Firm mattresses offer optimal support with little give. For sleepers that lie on their stomachs or backs most of the time, a firm feel is recommended. On the other hand, those sleeping on their sides often enjoy the plush feel for relief of the shoulder, arm, and hip. Consumers with back pain should be hesitant to select a mattress that is too soft.