Questions You Should Ask When Purchasing a Mattress

Know What You Want

Buying a new mattress isn't something you do every day. Knowing the right questions to ask ensures you get the mattress you want on your first purchase. Always begin by having an idea of the qualities you want in a bed as well as the ones you don't. If you know a firm bed hurts your back or a memory foam mattress doesn't keep you cool enough at night, then you can avoid those models. Secondly, you should determine what you're willing to pay so you can find the best mattress within your range. Remember, never compromise comfort for cost.

  • What are the different mattress comfort levels?
  • What are the mattress options in my price range?

Ask yourself, "What things do I want this new mattress purchase to accomplish?" If you have that knowledge with the help of a qualified mattress sales specialist, you should be able to choose the right mattress at the right price.

Warranties & Protection

Other questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a mattress involve warranties and desired size. These are secondary questions meant to help you hone in on the perfect bed. Generally, longer warranties mean higher quality, with most beds offering about 10 years of coverage. Consumers will also need to decide whether to purchase a high-profile, low-profile, or lifestyle adjustable foundation. One of the last questions is whether or not you'll also purchase a mattress protector and/or encasement. These covers help prevent bed stains and tears, so it's typically wise to include one in your budget.

  • What kind of warranty is available?
  • What are the different mattress sizes?
  • What kind of mattress protectors/encasements are available?