Zinus Toppers

Zinus Memory Foam Toppers

Zinus also has a line of plush mattress toppers for an additional layer of comfort. Many Zinus mattress toppers feature cooling copper or gel-infused foam to regulate body temperature as you sleep. Other models have a contoured surface that promotes pressure relief for stiff shoulders and painful joints. And, since they resist odors, these toppers also keep your bed fresh and cozy.

Give yourself the perfect night’s sleep with a Zinus mattress topper. The copper-infused memory foam padding provides a smart and responsive cooling experience that keeps you refreshed and comfortable throughout the night. Zinus mattress toppers are also CertiPUR-US certified to be free of environmental pollutants and chemicals such as mercury and lead.

Completing your bedroom with a Zinus mattress topper has never been easier. Simply unbox your compressed sleep pad from its packaging and roll it out to allow the foam to expand to its original shape and size. Zinus mattress toppers are a quick and simple way to elevate your sleep experience.