Zinus Memory Foam Mattresses

Available in various sizes, Zinus mattresses make a smart addition to any kind of bedroom. Give yourself the royal treatment with a king or queen mattress in your primary bedroom. Or, redecorate a small guest suite using a full-size Zinus mattress. Has your little one outgrown their crib? Add a twin-size Zinus mattress to the nursery to serve as their first big-kid bed.

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Zinus mattresses are a comfy and convenient option for your bedroom. These compressed pieces come to your doorstep in a compact package that's easier to navigate through your home than a traditional mattress. Once you open this bed-in-a-box, the mattress re-inflates to its original thick and fluffy size so you can spread out and get a good night's sleep.

Whatever your sleep style, you can find a Zinus mattress to keep you comfy through the night. Choose an innerspring mattress with firm coils if you need extra support. Or, try a plush memory foam mattress that lets you sink into the cushy cloud-like surface. Looking for the best of both worlds? Select a hybrid mattress for a perfect balance of softness and stability.