Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattresses & Beds

Leesa makes one of the best mattresses on the market today, and continues to innovate their designs based on customer feedback. They’ve helped pioneer the bed-in-a-box market in recent years and helped their customers save millions in the process. They’ve got a growing line of products supported by their incredible line of mattresses, which has recently expanded to include a new hybrid memory foam/innerspring design.

Sleep Easy with Leesa

Leesa offers buyers much more than a comfortable night’s rest. In fact, their entire company has been built around business practices that help protect consumers in the marketplace. They offer a unique direct-to-consumer sales model that cuts out any middlemen from inflating the price. The only downside to this approach is that not all local mattress stores offer a Leesa mattress for one to try before purchase. To get around this conundrum, Leesa has developed a robust product guarantee and buyer support system that makes the decision to try their products almost effortless!


Solid Support & Product Guarantees

What’s the worst part of buying a mattress in a local store? For the majority of people, it’s the delivery aspect of the sale. Any mattress store that has a hope of staying around offers some form of delivery service. However, most of these services aren’t free and can sometimes cost as much as $175. Leesa has engineered their products to facilitate a vacuum sealing process by which they are able to roll their mattresses up, suck out all the air, and fit them into a very conveniently sized box.

Free Shipping

This unique system allows Leesa to ship their mattresses via standard ground carriers such as UPS or FedEx—which they do for free! In addition to free shipping, Leesa has a 100 night in-home trial period during which you are free to return your mattress for any reason at all. That means you can get a full refund after sleeping on their mattress for more than 3 months! Once this period has passed, Leesa mattresses are covered by a 10-year full replacement warranty to ensure product lifespan. These are just some of the many steps Leesa takes to help ensure their customers are happy with their purchase. After all, it’s the dawn of a new era in how people shop and buy their products. A new internet-savvy consumer deserves a new class of internet-savvy manufacturers!


Innovative Mattress Designs

Leesa has painstakingly designed their mattresses with the most common grievances of sleepers across the world in mind. They have leveraged the contoured support of memory foam, though done it in such a way as to avoid excessive heat retention or becoming ‘stuck’ in one’s mattress. Their memory foam mattresses utilize a top layer of Avena Foam which has a perforated design to allow greater airflow. Beneath this layer is a thin layer of memory foam and beneath that a 6-inch layer of dense supportive polyfoam. By taking this approach, Leesa has been able to provide the benefits of memory foam mattresses while avoiding many of the pitfalls. Their latest products, slightly more expensive in price, feature an integrated bed of individually wrapped inner springs to help provide even better motion transfer support and breathability.