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When movie night comes around, you're going to want to have stylish, durable TV stands and media centers with optimal storage room. These pieces provide surface space to hold TVs and gaming systems, and often act as focal points in living room decor. However, TV stands shouldn't be chosen based solely on looks. Price, drawer or shelf space, and sturdiness are also essential. More

Size & Budget Constraints

To avoid buying expensive media centers that don't fit your space or needs, take measurements of your room and electronics ahead of time. Consoles and centers should be small enough to fit effortlessly in your living room, but also large enough to safely store your television. Keep in mind the amount of storage room you need to hold DVDs and games, as well. For those with greater storage needs, choose pieces with more drawers, shelves, and cubbies.

Choosing the Style

Media centers and TV stands are designed to naturally fit into the existing decor of your living room. Buyers can choose from traditional, minimal, retro, or contemporary models. Some stands provide easy access shelves to hold favorite electronics and gaming systems, while others have pull-out storage for infrequently used items. Media centers also come in a variety of shapes, which allow them to be placed prominently against walls or tucked away into corners.

Selecting Materials

TV stands and media centers can be made from elegant finished wood, budget-friendly particle board, or sophisticated metal frames. Pieces made from solid hardwoods are strong and long-lasting, but are also more costly. Particle board furniture provides a cheaper alternative, but is also less sturdy. Metal bases range in durability and price.

Picking a Color or Finish

Because many media centers are crafted from wood, popular colors include honey, cherry, oak, and other natural wood finishes. Some stands and consoles are metal-based and come in either neutral or bright shades. Whether your decor needs a pop of color or another matching piece, choose TV stands and media centers based on your current living room design.

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