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How To Read Furniture Care Codes

High-quality furniture can last for years with good maintenance and proper handling. Preventing your furniture from damage is essential for maintaining its quality, restoring its appearance, and keeping the warranty.

Whether you are caring for a large sectional sofa, decorative rug, or a delicate side table, each piece of furniture requires proper care and maintenance to preserve its lifespan. Learn how to protect your furniture with our care instructions guide.

Each fabric and material type has a different set of instructions on best practices. For instance, you can’t use the same cleaning supplies and techniques on a wooden piece of furniture that you would use on an upholstered one.

But there are general best practices and rules designed to keep your furniture in pristine shape. Follow these tips when caring for any piece:

Fabric & Upholstery Cleaning  

When caring for fabric upholstery, you need to know which products are safe for use and which are not. Look for cleaning tags on your furniture or upholstery that contain codes to ensure the best results. Here are a few of the most common cleaning codes and how to follow them.  

Leather Cleaning 

Leather is a rare material that gets better over time. To get the enviable patina and lived-in leather look and feel, you must take proper care of the material. Understanding which type of leather you have and knowing how to care for it is imperative for preserving its lifespan and letting it age with grace.  

“A” – Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather is a type of leather dyed with transparent dyes, allowing the natural characteristics of the leather to show. This type of leather is known for its soft and supple feel. 
Cleaning Code: N (natural)

“SA” – Semi-aniline Leather 

Semi-aniline leather is a type of leather that combines the natural appearance of aniline leather with a protective top coat.   Cleaning Code: SA (semi-aniline)  

“P” – Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is known as protected leather or top grain leather, which is a type of leather that has a durable coating on it. The coating provides an enhanced resistance to stains and fading. Cleaning Code: SA (semi-aniline)  

“N”– Nubuck / Suede

Nubuck leather is a type of leather that has been buffed to create a soft and velvety feel. It is often compared to suede because of its texture Cleaning Code: N (natural)

The Golden Rule 

If you are at a loss for how to clean your furniture, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Manufacturer care instructions are designed to give you the best results when cleaning and caring for your furniture. Be sure to follow them closely and use suitable products. They also ensure you maintain your warranty and provide the best long-term care for your furniture.