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How To Complete Your Dining Room
Pull together your home design with a put-together dining room. Dining rooms are the central gathering place for holidays and events, so you need a space that is functional and impressive. No matter your style, there are certain items your dining room can’t go without. Follow along for our take on how to decorate the perfect dining room.
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1. Choose a Dining Tables & Chairs

Of course, a dining table and chair combo is the most important piece of your dining space. Finding the right shape, type, and size of these items sets the base of your design. size of these items sets the base of your design.
Table Shapes & Size
Your table shape and size are determined by how many people you expect to sit around the table and the size of your room. The average dining room table is 36 to 40 inches wide. Tables that are 48 inches long accommodate four people, while 60-inch-long tables fit up to six. A table that’s 78 inches long sits about eight guests. Figure out how many people you expect around the table to determine the size you need, and don’t forget about additional factors like storage pieces that may go into the room.
Square Dining Table
A square table is perfect for small dining rooms that accommodate around four people. Choose armless dining chairs to conserve space and create a comfortable eating area.

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Chair Types
Dining chairs allow you to add personality and function to a room. Mix and match seating choices for an eclectic style, or stay with tradition and choose a matching set of chairs.

2. Find the Right-Sized Rug

The right style, shape, and sized rug pulls your dining room look together. Once you choose your dining table and chairs, it’s time to find a rug that complements them. Your options seem vast, but narrowing your options based on size and style makes your choice simple.

The first thing to do is figure out the dimensions of your table and the size of your room. Your area rug should be a minimum of 24 inches larger than your table on all sides, with at least 12 inches of space between the end of the rug and your wall.

Traditional dining rooms with rectangular tables need a rectangular rug nine feet by 12 feet. If you have a round table, a round rug is the best choice.

Calculate which size is best by adding four feet to the diameter of the table. Those with square tables in small dining rooms should choose a round or square rug . Subtract two feet from the length and width of the room to determine which size you need.
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3. Select the Right-Sized Chandelier

Add a final touch of elegance to your dining room with a chandelier. Chandeliers sound grandiose, but there are more casual styles available. Just choose a central light in your dining room that illuminates the space.

Ensure your chandelier matches the size of your table. Your light fixture should be one-half to three-quarters of the width of your table and 32 inches above the table.

For more illumination and style, hang a sconce at each corner of the room to frame the space. Choose a style that complements your chandelier and hang level with the chandelier for a balanced, professional look.
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4. Finish the Look With Dining Room Accents

Add the final dining room decor items to complete your design. These fun accessories should be inexpensive and replicable. You can swap them out seasonally or when it’s time to refresh the room.

Complete Your Dining Room in Style With

Now that you know everything your dining room needs to be complete, it’s time to start shopping. Browse our dining room furnishings to find everything you need for your space.
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