Living Room Chairs for Sale

Take a seat. In fact, take two or three. There are many plush and practical living room chairs for you to choose from — helping put the finishing touches on any room in your house. Go with traditional fabric models or upgrade to leather upholstery: it’s up to you. All living room chairs provide excellent support and style, so the next time you ask your guests to sit and stay for a while, they’ll probably do just that. More

How to Choose a Living Room Chair

Living rooms are the center of attention during both special events and daily family life. Whether you're pulling up extra seating around the coffee table at lively parties or retreating to a cozy recliner for some quiet reading, living room chairs are the perfect pieces to make your space more stylish, functional, and welcoming. From traditional wingbacks to multi-purpose sleepers, chairs come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to elevate your decor while meeting your household's needs.

Considering Size Restraints & Budget

For those who are tight on space, chairs can be cost-effective and unexpected alternatives to bulky couches. Try circling three chairs around a coffee table for an elegant arrangement that encourages conversation, yet gives everyone their personal space. Families with greater seating needs can pair an accent chair or two with their existing living room sofa. Choose pieces with light, narrow frames to squeeze in extra seats without creating clutter.

To pick the right living room chair for your home, remember to avoid extreme contrasts in furniture size. Oversized recliners look great with similarly proportioned sofas, though they can easily overwhelm delicate loveseats. Likewise, designer wooden chairs are chic when paired with minimalist couches, but may look like dollhouse furniture next to expansive, fluffy sectionals.

Selecting the Style

Because they come in so many surprising shapes and designs, chairs are perfect for showing off your personality. To find chairs that fit into the existing room, consider your decorating style. Those who gravitate towards modern designs might prefer contemporary armless chairs with exposed legs and clean lines. For a traditional touch, consider an inviting club, swivel chair, recliner, or glider with rounded corners and plenty of padding. Wood-framed, upholstered chairs with decorative nailhead trim or carved details can be the perfect addition to more formal sitting rooms. For casual or transitional spaces, try funky rattan chairs.

Picking the Colors

Depending on their color, living room chairs can add quiet accents or bold statements to your space. Fun prints show off your quirky side, while solid colors can pick up on accent hues from your pillows, carpets, or curtains. Since they are usually smaller pieces of furniture, chairs give you more freedom to choose dramatic colors than couches do. A boldly colored chair adds visual appeal and artistic flair in a neutral space without becoming the only thing guests remember. Chair shades include:

Choosing the Materials & Fabrics

Living room chairs are typically made of upholstery, wood, or metal. For fabric-covered chairs, pick upholstery with a level of durability that matches your lifestyle. Families with small children or pets should consider stain-resistant fabrics like treated leather, cotton, linen, and microfiber. These pieces make cleaning up spills a snap and don't wear or fade as quickly as more delicate options, such as silk, velvet, or brocade.

Of these options, leather is the most expensive and durable; while microfiber is the most affordable, it won’t last quite as long so it is best for pieces that see less frequent use. Wood or metal chairs are sturdy choices that can offer sleek, architectural designs at a wide variety of price points. It's easy to find budget-friendly chairs for under $200 or even $100. To make them more practical for daily use, try adding comfy pillows or cushions.