Dining Benches

Dining Room Table Bench Seats

Shop our diverse selection of dining room benches. Expertly crafted and designed to fit any style, our dining benches feature beautiful wood tones in a variety of colors and finishes that demand admiration. Choose from options such as tufted seatbacks and upholstered cushions to take the edge off of sitting, or opt for a traditional dining bench that gets the job done and still looks great. So go on and get closer — to the dining room you’ve been looking for. More

How to Choose a Dining Room Bench

Dining room benches are a great alternative to traditional chairs. Create unique seating arrangements by mixing and matching different designs. Buyers can use benches to add a touch of refinement to casual dining areas or bring rustic charm to a more formal table.

Size Restraints & Budget

Benches or banquettes fit small budgets and rooms by allowing thrifty shoppers to avoid costly chairs. For tight spaces, store benches under tables when they are not in use. Benches with storage options help you save even more space and money.

Choosing a Style

Benches are offered in a variety of frames ranging from traditional to industrial, and can be purchased as a set or individually. Banquettes are upholstered mini sofas, which are nice alternatives to backless benches for those who need more support.

Selecting a Color

When selecting a bench color, it’s best to avoid bold or trendy shades and opt for neutral hues. While bright colors may look great with your dining room's current look, they make redecorating difficult. Banquettes are usually upholstered, allowing buyers to select either bold or subdued fabrics. These are easily updated since you can reupholster or add fun accents, such as throw pillows or seasonal elements.

Choosing Materials

Traditional benches are typically constructed of wood, though pieces with cushioned seats or metal legs are available. Metal options are trendy and add texture to rooms, though sturdy wood designs offer the most longevity. Upholstered banquettes can become stained and worn over time, so it is recommended to choose materials that are easily cleaned or replaced.