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Shop an array of counter and bar stools built for hanging out at the kitchen island or your counter-height table. Available in styles ranging from classic to contemporary, our counter stool and barstool designs make it easy to find pieces that match your existing furniture. Choose from wood-framed stools with elegant finishes, or select a metal bar stool for a more modern style. No matter what, you’ll always find the right height and the right look, right here. More

How to Choose Barstools

Compared to standard dining room seating, bar stools are less formal but essential in homes with breakfast bars or islands. These pieces are versatile and great for reading the paper alone at the counter or for extra seating at large gatherings. Since there's so much to choose from, it's important to have an idea of what'll work in your space before you start shopping.


Height is a crucial factor to consider when looking at bar stools. Choosing pieces that are either too high or low makes for uncomfortable seating. As a rule, there should be about 10 or 11 inches of space between the top of the bar stool and the bottom of the counter. Since bar stools come in three standard heights, counter height, bar height, and extra tall, everyone can find the option that works for them.

To seat everyone comfortably with plenty of elbowroom, there should be at least six inches of space between seats. Narrower stools are good for saving space. Depending on the bar length, you may be able to fit an extra chair when you buy small pieces. However, large seats are more comfortable and better for extended sitting.


Budget is a big factor when looking at bar stools. If you envision your bar as a go-to social spot, then allow a decent budget to buy quality stools. If you plan to use them sparsely or only to complement the look of the breakfast bar, then a modest budget is fine.

Choosing a Style

Bar stools come in a range of shapes and designs and have loads of possible features, like saddle, backless, arms, foot bars, height adjustment, and ability to swivel. Begin by determining what features are priorities, and then consider which styles will best fit your room. Whether your taste is country bar or sleek minimalist, bar stools will add a stylish touch.

Selecting Colors

Homeowners often match bar stools with kitchen cabinets or counter tops. In many cases, it is visually appealing for bar stools to have legs that match the tone of the room’s woodwork and tops that contrast it. If the kitchen has an overall muted color, then a vibrant red, green, or blue bar stool can be an excellent accent to the room. Or match earthy tones with similar beige, brown, cherry, or walnut shades. Find additional hues like:

Choosing Materials

Bar stools are mainly wooden or metal. Wood is more traditional and carries a warm, classic character reminiscent of old pub seating or rustic living. Metal has contemporary or transitional appeal. It works well in kitchens with stainless steel appliances and metal hardware.

Seats can be bare or upholstered. The most popular seat material for bar stools is leather, which is comfortable and highly durable. Fabric is also popular and often features bold colors or fun patterns.