Trend Watch: What's Hot In Rugs

Posted In Design - 04/05/2017

What’s new this season in rugs?  Everything from deep, rich colors to a current take on vintage patterns and finishes, here are some exciting new looks to refresh your home by providing a polished finish to your room.  Finding the perfect rug has never been easier with these stunning new choices.

Shop the look: Jakob Blue Rug, Soren Navy Blue Rug, Malin Blue Rug

Indigo Infusion - Marked by deep, inky blues with a saturated feel these blue rugs can drench your space with a cool, calm tone.

Shop the look: Reyes Orange Rug, Pascha II Beige Rug, Mossy Vale Green Rug

Earthy Intensity - Rich terra cotta, deep slate gray or velvety mossy green, inspired by nature these rugs bring organic, earthy tones to your space that will ground your room in luxury.

Shop the look:  Kaiko I Orange Rug, Artesia Beige Rug,  Begonia Orange Rug

Blissful Bohemian - No matter what your home color scheme, bring a fun mix of colors and patterns with global influences. These fresh bohemian designs marry a carefree vibe with a warm deep rich feel.

Shop the look:  Fayette Ash Rug, Kasbah Oatmeal Rug, Stillchester Tan Rug

Imbued Ivory - Soft understated foundations that create a quiet, soothing atmosphere provide a luxurious backdrop for your space.  Whether you choose a geometric pattern or organic design, mixing sister shades of ecru, oatmeal, alabaster, or ivory create a soft harmonious aesthetic for your home.

Shop the look:  Maldon Gray Rug  Wolvesey Beige RugRevival Teal Rug

Alluring Antique  - Add the instant feel of a well-loved family heirloom to your home with a distinctive distressed rug.  These vintage-inspired patterns with a timeworn appearance provide depth and texture to your room.

Shop the look:  Inner Magician Rug, Cove View Rug, Manette Rug

Art Inspired - Who says art is only for the walls?  There’s a new selection of rugs that let you bring the beauty of your favorite art style to your floor, adding subtle interest or complex intensity to your space.