Trend Watch: Vintage Edison Bulb Lighting

Posted In Design - 09/25/2018

The newest trend in lighting showcases the authentic beauty of the earliest light bulbs. Replicas of the Edison Bulb are fully or partially exposed, displaying their glowing wound filaments. These unique pieces provide a nostalgic charm, contemporary vibe, or an industrial feel.

In the dining room, living room, or office, vintage bulb light fixtures are distinctive and interesting creating a modern display with a sensibility of by-gone days.

Left bare or robustly contained by a wire cage these elegant illuminators call attention to themselves without being too showy. With new-found popularity there are abundant options from which to choose, you can find a rustic salvaged look, a geometric spirit, or an eclectic essence.

Boasting a nautical quality, antique styling, or straightforward allure, Edison bulbs can be completely on display or enticingly veiled behind a partial shade. Hanging light fixtures and pendants are perfectly suited to hang above your dining table or kitchen counter. Table lamps create interesting accents on a sofa table, desk, or nightstand.

With their retro-chic appeal, these updated lamps add warmth, whimsy, and interest to your space making a gorgeous lighting addition indoors or out. As individual bulbs, in clusters of a few, or strung in succession, these radiant captivators add an air of sophistication.

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