Trend Watch: Plush and Shaggy Faux Fur Accents

Posted In Design - 06/20/2018

What’s not to love about the fun, unabashed punctuations of shaggy faux fur accents that are popping up in today’s stylish living rooms, dens and bedrooms?

On pillows, benches, rugs and throws, the indulgent quality of sheepskin fabric adds a touch of whimsy with a luxe look and feel.

Faux Mongolian fabrics have long pile with wavy character that is irresistibly soft with a look that is chic and unique. A bench, accent chair, ottoman or poof wrapped in this long shaggy fur creates a seat you can’t wait to sink into.

Whether you choose flokati wool, llama, sheepskin or Mongolian inspired pieces, fur accents add texture and panache to any space. The work equally well in adding visual interest and intrigue to a contemporary space as they do in a rustic home.

Living room, office, foyer or bedroom, fuzzy faux fur accents create a lush appeal that is inviting and captivating.

Choose from bright neutral whites, smoky grays or vivid hues. Faux fur decor adds contrast and personality to invigorate any room.

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